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Data Analytics – Tableau login required

Welcome to Data Analytics.  This is your one-stop-shop for internal use data analytics offering convenient, user-friendly access for administrators to use to make data-informed decisions. The content has been curated for University planning.

Data are subject to change at the time data are reviewed and reports are processed and are NOT certified by official reporting. Data may or may not be official 12th-day census; it is up to the data source originator and user to determine whether the data are considered 12th day. For external reporting including grants, accreditation, etc. please use the TCU Fact Book for official reporting. If interested in learning more about how to create reports for your department and use Tableau Server please contact IT.


Frog Facts Data Analytics PlatformTCU Data Analytics Default Platform
TCU Frog Facts Data Analytics is the university’s new data warehouse analytics reporting hosted on Tableau. Data are dynamic and updated daily; subject to change at the time data is reviewed and reports are processed. Data are not official 12th-day census.

By clicking this button and proceeding to the platform, I confirm that I have read, understand, and agree to adhere to the policies and use below.
The TCU Data Analytics Default Site is the university’s Tableau reporting site, using static data. TCU users can view data reports prepared by Institutional Research or create and share their own data reports using the Tableau software. Reports include SPOT and other departmental reports.

By clicking this button and proceeding to the platform, I confirm that I have read, understand, and agree to adhere to the policies and use below.


Data Security & Privacy

Data in these dashboards are for internal planning only. Data are classified as Private Data according to TCU’s Data Classification Policy. Please review the policy before proceeding to the dashboards:

Section IV: Policy Statement/Data Classifications/3. Private Data Private

TCU data is TCU Data which if exposed would not significantly harm TCU or individuals but is not intended for public release. This data is protected for proprietary, ethical, or privacy reasons. This data must be restricted to users with a legitimate interest in the data.

Section V: Enforcement

Misuse of University information will be regarded with utmost seriousness. Alleged violations of this policy will be pursued in accordance with the appropriate disciplinary procedures for faculty, staff, and students, and when indicated, sanctions up to and including dismissal or expulsion will be imposed. Legal action may be pursued if the violation involves external parties.

Review the complete data classification policy

**Authorized TCU Tableau users are responsible for the end-use of all data obtained from the Data Warehouse. When data are printed/shared with members of TCU Faculty & Staff, it is the responsibility of the Data Steward to share the data security and privacy policy along with the data.

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